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László Kovács

Head of Department

Member of DSD since 1994. 15. 11.

Dr. Laszlo KOVACS, technical doctor in computer sciences, is the founder and head of the Department of Distributed Systems (DSD) at MTA SZTAKI, the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. During beginning of his career he has been involved in different projects in the areas of computer network protocol design, specification, verification and implementation. He taught years in different foreign universities and research establishments including the University of Montreal (Canada), University of Delaware (USA) and the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (France). He is the member of the Advisory Committee of World Wide Web Consortium. He served as one of the Program Committee Chairs of the World Wide Web World Congress held in Budapest, in 2003, and was the General Chair of the 11th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries held in Budapest, in 2007. He is regular member of the steering and program committees of the ECDL / TPDL conference series and reviewer of EC and NSF.

Dr. András Micsik

team leader, senior researcher

Member of DSD since 1994. 15. 11.

Dr. András Micsik is currently doing research on the application of Semantic Web and Linked Open Data in various areas such as digital repositories, clouds, e-science platforms, etc.

Balázs Pataki

Race: chimpanzee

Member of DSD since 1997. 01. 10.

Chimpanzees are like humans, except they do not shave and have nicer glasses. Chimpanzees are smarter than human: they are able to learn a lot of things from humans (I, for example, can even write my resume, you see, with four hands!), but have you ever seen a human beeing hanging with one hand on a banana tree saying "eeyk-eeyk goo-goo-gaa-hahahaa-goo-goo-goo"? Although human beings are not able (or willing?) to learn from chimpanzees, they are quite nice domestic animals. Those of DSD, for example, let me program in Java, C or Perl, allow me to contribute to their international projects or even let me play around with their dictionary. But hanging one hand on a banana tree, well, that's The Real Thing, believe me...

Zoltán Tóth

alias Sac

Member of DSD since 2000. 01. 07.

I am sac. It is not too difficult to write down, just 3 simple letters without any meaning: s-a-c. It is as simple as I am. Being sac means that I can write programs in C, PHP, Java and in a lot of other languages. I have written some scientific papers, mostly as a PHd student of the University of Veszprém. I have taken my chance and knowledge with the Photoshop, and I'm not afraid of taking experiments with 3d ray-tracing software.

Péter Pallinger

Member of DSD since 2005. 01. 09.

I'm an engineer in Information Technologies. My main interests lie in intelligent and learning systems as well as current semantic web technologies and ontologies.

Éva Virág

Member of DSD since 2010. 01. 01.

I graduated as a teacher of English language and literature, then got a degree in economic diplomacy and management at the Budapest Business School. After teaching for 8 years, I worked in the Hungarian National Museum in exhibition organizing for 1.5 years. From 2006 I acted as an assistant and regional project coordinator for a multinational company. I joined SZTAKI DSD in 2010 January, here I am dealing mainly with project administration and management.

Szabolcs Tóth

Member of DSD since 2014. 01. 03.

I completed my studies at Óbuda University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. My job at DSD involves tasks from hardware designing through programming to even sewing. In my free time I play the double bass and sometimes I develop new electronics to it.

Tamás Felker

Member of DSD since 2014. 01. 10.

I have received my bachelor's degree from Óbuda University John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics, where I also continue my studies in the Master's program now. I joined DSD in 2014 October where I work sometimes part-time, sometimes full-time, since 2015 September just barely. I mostly use JAVA and C# programming languages, but I get along with JavaScript and PHP as well.

Zoltán Hermann

Member of DSD since 2015. 01. 03.

I'm currently studying at the Óbuda University John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics. I’m interested in .NET and mobile device software development.


In my free time I like walking and cycling, or going on excursions.

Mihály Naszradi

Member of DSD since 2015. 01. 09.

I'm currently studying at the Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Informatics. I work for DSD part-time, my main interests are JAVA, OpenGL and OSG programming. In my free time I like reading, playing the guitar, swimming, watching movies and series.