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11th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries

2007. szeptember 16-17.

Az ECDL 2007 az aktuális kérdések és alkalmazások megbeszélésére lett megrendezve, és elsősorban fórumként szolgált a területhez kapcsolódó kutatók és alkalmazók közti együttműködés segítésére. Az esemény lefolytatása a konferenciasorozat hagyományait követte. Hat félnapos tutorial előzte meg, és 6 workshop követte a konferenciát.

EUTIST-AMI Workshop on Public Administration

2004. máj 24.

The workshop examined what steps were necessary in the process of introducing e-administration in the Hungary. It did research in the chances of distributing e-democracy as widely as possible. It presents today's achievements and experiences through national and foreign (EUTIST-AMI) projects. It aimed at bringing the administrative people, sociologists, informatics together for a discussion to help them cooperate in solving the problems of introducing e-democracy. 

Open Archives, National Digital Archive, Ontologies

2004. február 26.

At the time of the workshop there was no infrastructural approach to the creation and management of digital information, content residing in the communication systems. However, the amount of investment in this area was already comparable to the money spent on the infrastructure for basic data transport, and this area would be of central interest in future investments.

EUTIST-AMI International Workshop

2004. február 09.

This international workshop was devoted to issues and applications in agent and middleware technologies. Some of the most interesting projects from the EUTIST-AMI (EUropean Take-up of essential Information Society Tecnologies - Agents and MIddleware) project-cluster was presented, particularly in the textile/clothing, training and radios sector, as well as in the area of system monitoring and avatars.

Kiállítás az INFOtrend'03-on

2003. november 27-29.

We exhibited at at the 2nd INFOtrend International IT and Telecommunications Conference and Trade Exhibition held between 27-29th November, 2003 at the Budapest Fair Centre.

Content and Information Infrastructure Workshop

2003. október 02.

The W3C Hungarian Office and the Department of Distributed Systems organized this conference, which was opened by Béla Mohácsi, the Deputy Secretary for Information Societies. The conference examined the present and the near future of the infrastructural systems of Hungary's digital world, having a look at the current social practice, the available network systems and the institutes. According to Dr.

The Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference

2003. máj 20-24.

The conference started with a day of tutorials and workshops and continued with a three-day technical programme. The fifth day was a "Developers' Day." The tutorials and workshops provided in-depth looks into specific areas of current interest. The technical programme included refereed paper presentations, alternate track presentations, plenary sessions, panels and poster sessions. The Developers' Day was devoted to in-depth technical sessions designed specifically for Web developers.

CORES Schema Creation and Registration Workshop

2003. március 06-07.

The workshop provided an introduction to the use of RDF to describe metadata vocabularies in the form of machine-understandable schemas. It focused on the publication of these schemas in the CORES Schema Registry. Practical sessions helped participants to learn to use the CORES Schema Creation Tool to prepare schemas and submit them to the Registry, and to navigate the schemas submitted via the Registry's Web interface.

DELOS Workshop on Evaluation of Digital Libraries: Testbeds, Measurements, and Metrics

2002. június 06-07.

The DELOS Working Group 2.1 of the ERCIM DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries aimed at providing a Digital Library Evaluation Forum and a Digital Library Test Suite which provided researchers with information for the selection of potential digital library testbeds and new research or evaluation targets.

The fourth workshop of the DELOS Network of Excellence, ran from Thursday, June 6 to Friday, June 7, 2002 in Budapest, Hungary, and examined issues related to "Evaluation of digital libraries: Testbeds, measurements, and metrics".  

DELOS Workshop on Filtering and Collaborative Filtering

1997. november 10-12.

The fifth workshop of the DELOS Working Group, held from Monday, November 10 to Wednesday, November 12, 1997 in Budapest, Hungary, examined issues related to "Filtering and Collaborative Filtering".