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KOPI Plagiarism Search Portal

The best choice for searching translated plagiarism

"plagiarism: the act of using another person's words or ideas without giving credit to that person : the act of plagiarizing something" (Merriam-Webster)

Monolingual plagiarism search: The KOPI Online Plagiarism Search Portal is a unique, open service for web users that enables them to check for identical or similar contents between their own documents and the files uploaded by other authors. This check function works in any European language, due to our language-independent algorithm. Check for translated plagiarism: KOPI is the only unique service right now that is able to identify quotations - and also their translations - taken from the English Wikipedia. KOPI can run searches in Hungarian, English and German, and is being continuously improved to support other languages as well.



SZTAKI Dictionary (SZTAKI Szótár) - created and operated by the Department of Distributed Systems of MTA SZTAKI - is the most popular Hungarian language related dictionary service on the internet. The SZTAKI Dictionary was launched in 1995 as the first interactive web service in Hungary with an English-Hungarian dictionary used by 3500 visitors a week. In 2007 the SZTAKI Dictionary hosts 6 dictionaries, which are visited +100.000 times every day (producing +700.000 page impressions [PI] - Webaudit). This is more than the average traffic of popular on-line news papers and thematic portals. The staff of the Department of Distributed Systems develops the freely available SZTAKI Dictionary for the benefit of language learners and those interested in foreign languages.

Our LOD service aims at publishing the contents of Hungarian archives as Linked Open Data based on our National Digital Data Archive service The dataset contains information about books, movies, articles published in Hungary. The dataset contains approximately 11 million triples with about 561,000 outlinks to DBpedia, VIAF and other datasets in the LOD cloud.


This service provides unified access to OAI harvested cultural heritage items as part of the National Digital Data Archive (NDDA) project. is a member of the StreamOnTheFly networked archiving and exchange system. It can be used for digital audio data, such as radio programmes and podcasts, but also for audio arts and any other meaningful data you can imagine. StreamOnTheFly can be used either as a platform to publish content or as a source for thousands of hours of radio and podcasting programmes. The service is the result of the StreamOnTheFly EU funded project.


The voting system was built on the experience gained in the Web4Groups EU-funded project. The in-depth study on voting and rating in everyday life helped to create a generic tool applicable for wide variety of voting purposes. The system is in operation since the beginning of 1999, and it can be used with any standard WWW browser.


SOAP MTP for Jade and Light Agent Web Service Integration Toolkit

This is an add-on for the Jade agent development framework which enables Jade platforms to communicate via SOAP messages instead of HTTP or IIOP. It uses Apache CXF for sending and receiving SOAP messages.

Wikipedia Text Dump

When seeking information on the web Wikipedia is an essential source. The English version features over 4 million articles. Studies show that it is also the number one source of plagiarism, so when we created our new translational plagiarism checker, we looked for a way to add this vast source of information to our database. We found that it is impossible to download the whole database in an easy to handle format (like HTML or plain text) and that all the available Mediawiki converters had some flaws. So we have written a Mediawiki XML dump to plain text converter, which we run every time a new database dump appears on the site and publish the text version for everybody to use.

You can download it from here: