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DSD provides innovative, unique solutions based on research findings that address the challenges of our industrial partners. Either it is a small enterprise or a multinational firm, they are all interested in maintaining and improving their efficiency and competitiveness, to conduct successful business activities in the long run. IT research is a vital and integral part of this: to know new technological trends, processes, to develop and to adopt them to support business operations. Companies in need of innovation work could be supported by our contracted research groups, cooperating for a certain time and focusing on special projects or fields of interest.

 Contract research and development is an ideal solution for many companies: it brings new ideas, uses novel findings, concentrates on concrete projects and its costs are usually lower than employing a permanent, in-house research group.

DSD promotes high quality research and development, conducts its activities in a timely and orderly manner, offering a competent team of highly-qualified researchers and experienced developers to our partners.

Main R&D topics of DSD 

  • web technologies, Semantic Web, web service composition and discovery, Linked Open Data
  • research of cloud-based systems, cloud federation, SLA and scalabilities
  • management of  context awareness
  • paradigmatic and architectural questions of collaborative services
  • pervasive systems, architecture and service adaptation research
  • digital archive services and QoS, long-term digital preservation
  • mobile P2P systems, emergent interoperability research

Collaboration with DSD

Industrial partners can cooperate with us via:

  • one-off contracts (when a concrete problem is identified and a solution to it is to be found)
  • framework agreements (numerous tasks are solved in succession based on an established common protocol and standard terms)
  • national consortium (large scale collaboration with Hungarian companies, many in the form of state-funded projects)
  • international collaboration (large scale cooperation where partners from other countries are involved, many in the form of EU-funded projects)

How does DSD help its clients?

The primary aim of DSD is to develop prototype systems, applications, network services and complex solutions based on new exploratory research results.

As our industrial partners are ambitious to keep pace with new trends and lead successful businesses, we support them in doing so by seeking new solutions to the challenges they face, improving their products and services, and providing continuous consultations regarding new technologies, inventions and potential integration of new solutions.

Incorporating new solutions in existing processes needs analysis and testing, which we always perform to see their level of functionality, reliability and performance. We also focus on finding solutions that are not only innovative and ensure a leading position for our partners, but also help optimizing their expenditure and conducting cost effective business activities.

DSD references from industry

Many successful companies have relied on our expertise. DSD has worked together, since 1995, with:

  • RICOH, Japan
  • INRIA, France
  • Nuance, USA
  • ATOS Origin, Spain
  • Fraunhofer, Germany
  • EADS, France
  • Telefonica I+D, Spain
  • RIM, Canada
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Luxembourg
  • Elsag Datamat, Italy
  • Kapsch Aktiengesellschaft, Austria
  • Profium SA, Finland
  • TXT e-Solutions, Italy
  • SYSLOAD, France
  • ENEA, Italy
  • Omega Generation, Italy
  • T-Com, Hungary
  • p92 IT Solutions Kft., Hungary
  • FreeSoft Ltd., Hungary
  • NETvisor IT and Communications Ltd., Hungary