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Full name:Bosch Knowledge Graph project
Start date:2022. 11. 01.
End date:2023. 05. 31.

The aim of the project is to provide Robert Bosch Ltd. with knowledge graph technologies, so that internal industrial or research contacts and information could be accessed, shared and used within the organisation. Ensuring data security and privacy as well as maintaining high quality of data are also in focus of the project. 

 Knowledge graphs are an excellent tool to semantically describe, organize and integrate existing data, while enabling storing freshly gathered data to be stored in a better-defined and more easily reusable way. Semantic representation makes connecting heterogenous datasets easily possible and possibly automatable, also allowing unified querying. Meanwhile the ontology formed during graph database creation facilitates a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of data assets.

 The main tasks are to create a Knowledge Graph platform, define and visualize the data pipeline, and to set up a data asset inventory for Bosch.