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Full name:TEI XML Editing Framework for Digital Humanities
Start date:2021. 07. 01.
End date:2022. 07. 01.
Coordinator:András Micsik

The dhupla platform of the Centre for Digital Humanities (DBK) serves the critical processing and publishing of Hungarian literature. The processing format of works is based on TEI XML. In order to support editors in their work, we develop a plugin for Oxygen XML Editor by the suggestions of DBK. The editing framework provides a readers’ view (without XML tags), context menu for the input of new XML tags and forms for metadata input. Editors can also check the correctness of XML using schematron validation.

Further services of the editing framework include Named Entity Recognition (NER), Named Entity Linking (NEL), PDF generation and visualisation support. The NER button parses the selected text and inserts TEI tags around found entities such as place, person or organisation names. Individually selected names can be linked to various namespaces using a popup dialog.