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Full name:Integrated eScience platform based on LOD
Start date:2011. 01. 09.
End date:2013. 01. 09.

The aim of the project is to do experiments about an e-science platform which supports the daily activities of researchers and creative workers. The software tools and services used by researchers changes rapidly nowadays mostly because of the fast evolution of ICT, and therefore researchers need to devote much time to learning and practicing the use of these tools in order to enhance their productivity.

In the preparation phase we performed a survey among Hungarian researches to collect their current practice on using services and tools for research. The survey showed a great variety in usage by discipline.

Currently, the Semantic Web, and particularly Linked Open Data (LOD) are the most promising paradigm to hide the complexity and variability of online services. As an initial step we started a LOD service containing publication data of our institute and additionally descriptions of many cultural assets collected by the National Digital Archive. The dataset published at contains approximately 11 million triples with about 561,000 outlinks to DBpedia, VIAF and other LOD datasets. A faceted browser for the dataset is also available.

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