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Sárosi Anita, Szörényi Beatrix: KIRAKAT GALÉRIA


Anita Sárosi and Beatrix Szörényi, found an abandoned shop window in the center of Budapest and decided to reuse it as an independent gallery. So for a year between 2000-2001, they realized a large-scale public art project both in the physical space and on the The Art Window website is hosted and supported by the Department of Distributed Systems (DSD) in SZTAKI.



An electronic journal of contemporary art. The journal gives places to relevant news, essays and discussions, a gallery of "disappearing works", and interactive games such as collective poem writing. The journal is in Hungarian but a small part of it is translated to English.

Gyula Várnai: Without Title


Numbers are hidden in a pile of letters. Find the active areas in the page and discover what is buried... if you can spell Hungarian numbers :-). This work is a part of the Nightwatch journal's "Experimental Document".

Imre Weber: Travelogue


Walks in the city are documented by simple photos. All four travelogues are focused at specific kinds of subjects: open doors, animals, letter boxes or objects that were put in their places temporarily. The photos are presented in a slide-show that plays in chronological order. Its speed can be adjusted allowing real time as well as quickened playing. This work is a part of the Nightwatch journal's "Experimental Document".

Ágnes Eperjesi: VRML Statistics


If you have a browser capable of displaying VRML worlds, check out this page before reading on! Follow this link:

This project tests people's patience and keeps a visual log of that. Visitors at first see a "broken" image on an empty page, while their browser is seemingly busy loading content. But this state will never change unless the visitor decides to press the Stop button. The elapsed time provides input to a VRML statistics being built. Every such interrupted visit to the initial page places one cube somewhere on an ever-growing pile of cubes, where the place of the new cube depends on the time spent with waiting. The longer the visitor's waiting was, the farther their cube lands from the centre of the area. Today the pile resembles a sky scraper being tallest at its centre... This work is a part of the Nightwatch journal's "Experimental Document".

Imre Weber's Three Virtual Installation


The artist's works displayed in this virtual gallery are based on the concept of disappearing. The sculptures ae temporary ones, installed outdoors at the mercy of nature's elements.

The virtual gallery consists of three parts: a static section displaying the sculptures, also providing textual information, a 3D gallery showing the same works in virtual reality and a section presenting photo-montages in an animated way. Two of the three sections is accompanied by music.

The viewing of the virtual reality scene requires a VRML compatible browser. Text is in Hungarian.

Gyula Várnai: Anamorphosis


Graffities drawn over the houses of a building estate represent a sentence if seen from the right position. This work requires a VRML-compatible browser to view. Four viewpoints are set to help you read the sentence, but its worth leaving your start position to see how the text is arranged over the buildings. The introduction is in Hungarian.