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Roma Social Integration Phare Programme of the Office for National and Ethnic Minorities, Prime Minister's Office


This homepage informs about an experimental PHARE program aimed at the social integration of the Roma (Gypsy) minority in Hungary. The site was presented in 4 languages: Hungarian, English and two Roma languages. Not all the content is avaliable in all languages. If the currently displayed document was translated into a specific language, the corresponding flag icon became active.

The Government of the Hungarian Republic


The homepage provided a display for the government's programme, introduced its members, and reported on its meetings. The homepage facilitated navigation in the following ways: the user could move between pages of longer documents using the icon of an open book whose two halves correspond to the backward and forward directions. Using this tool the navigation was done similarly to a real book: eg. clicking the forward half of the book icon at the beginning page of a larger section lead to its first subsection (in other words the navigation is depth-first).

PHARE Program Coordination


The homepage of the Minister in charge of PHARE Program Coordination This site featured a cascaded menu system that allowed random access of the pages inside. The current path was displayed all the time, so users could easily know which part of the content hierarchy they were visiting.


The Prime Minister's Office


The main result of a long term cooperation between the Prime Minister's Office and the Department of Distributed Systems. The page provided space for press reviews, announcements, event reports and other documents of the Office. The homepage was maintained daily, using our workflow system that receives, distributes among workers and stores the incoming maintainance jobs. The design of the Office's Hungarian welcome page changed, giving the site a more portal like look.

Public Procurements and Economics Directorate


The homepage presented useful information -- laws and regulations, product descriptions, distributors, contracts, special offers -- related to the public procurement procedures in Hungary. Major updates were rare: the homepage was usually changed via short news paragraphs that got appended to the relevant pages. These paragraphs also appeared collectively on the topmost news page of the site.

Civil.Info -- Civic Relations Department, Prime Minister's Office


The homepage of the Civic Relations Department of the Prime Minister's Office featured the following interactive services: discussion forums, publicly writable advertising area, publicly writable calendar. The background pattern is based on an array of photographs created by the artist Imre Weber.

Moving mockups:

National Information Infrastructure Development Program


NIIF stands for National Information Infrastructure Development Program. The pioneer organization of Hungarian Internet demonstrated itself with this homepage for more than 4 years. The graphical layout was designed by Imre Weber, a contemporary Hungarian sculptor.

Moving mockups:



The third design in the history of the Institute's main webserver. It was an artistic project of Imre Weber. According to his concept, the center photo on the front page was changing every day. The icons were cut from this photo automatically, leaving holes in the main photo. The icons in the inner pages followed similar rule.

Moving mockups:

Interministerial Committee of Informatics


Homepage of the Interministerial Committee of Informatics