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Full name:Context-aware collaboration platform for crisis/chaos management based on the concept of emergent interoperability
Start date:2012.
End date:2014.

The objective of the Chaoster project is to create a collaborative software system for crisis management on mobile platform using new paradigms. We are also going to research and develop the enabling technologies and algorithms, in the fields of networking, communication, group decision, context identification and mobile, semantic and cooperative software. The project aims to have an interdisciplinary approach.

In our every day life we take services for granted like electricity, GPS, 3/4G, WIFI and communication or broadcast media in general. But what happens when some or all of these services go out because of an unexpected failure or some environmental disater? How can we communicate with each other, share vital information and collaborate in such a situation? The paradox here is that communication becomes a vital and life saving need right when no means of communication is available in the usual ways.

The Chaoster project's objective is to provide a platform which enables effective communication and collaboration in crisis situations via mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops without the need of telecommunication infrastructure (3/4G, internet). The Chaoster system will use ad-hoc peer-to-peer (P2P) delay tolerant (DTN) near field (ie. "pocket switched" or PSN) networking combined with state of the art solutions in context aware routing, intelligent data processing and dissemination using semantical evaluations. These paradigms will allow Chaoster users to share information using only their mobile devices and effectively reach group decisions in a time and resource constrained situation.