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Full name:The next generation of scientific journals
Start date:2012. 01. 10.
End date:2014. 01. 10.

The NextGeneration project aims at the re-thinking of the terms scientific publication and scientific journal and researching the new generation of publications (multi-layer, enhanced publications, nanopublications, data papers, etc.). We would also like to prepare for a paradigm shift in the handling of primary/raw data, annotations, reviews and open access regarding research papers. A concrete pilot is planned with a Hungarian journal on economics.

The project will focus on the current problems including:

  • Semantic processing of metadata and content of publications and connecting them to the LOD cloud.
  • Support for reproducibility of scientific results, including the preservation and sharing of primary data and used algorithms.
  • Beyond open access publication, the investigation of open review mechanisms and open discussion of papers in scientific communitites.

The new journal as a model and prototype will provide a space for experimentation as well in order to develop new paradigms for scientific publication.