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Full name:DELOS
Number:ESPRIT LTR No. 21057
Start date:1996. 01. 03.
End date:1999. 31. 05.
Cost:444,000 ECU
Project homepage:


The DELOS Working Group was funded by the ESPRIT Long Term Research Programme (LTR No. 21057) within the Fourth Framework Programme of the Commission of the European Union. The objective was to promote research into the further development of digital library technologies.

We installed the first node of the globally distributed digital library called NCSTRL (Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library) in Europe in 1995.

DSD has organized a DELOS workshop on collaborative filtering in 1997.

Laszlo Kovacs has participated in the joint EU-NSF Working Group on Resource Discovery in a Globally Distributed Digital Library.

We built the AQUA user interface for NCSTRL and ETRDL, an innovative service for content exploration and iterative query refinement.

DSD has installed and managed the regional support servers for the Central-European region of NCSTRL, and played the role of registrar for publishers in this region.

DSD has played an important role in the management and testing of the ETRDL (ERCIM Technical Reference Digital Library).

Links (ETRDL server, NCSTRL regional centre) (AQUA) (EU-NSF wg report)