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Full name:Demand Driven Information Tools for E-Administration
Number:NKFP 2/021/2001
Start date:2002. 01. 07.
End date:2004. 31. 01.
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The project explores the possibilities and examines the steps that are necessary to be taken for the introduction and establishment of e-administration and dissemination of e-democracy in a wider area. Naturally, the range of tasks are multidisciplinary and successfully completing the project requires cooperation among representatives and experts in administration, jurisdiction, finance, computer sciences and sociology.

The project aims to make advance in the following areas:

  • facilitating office routine to citizens
  • strengthening front-office activity (client contact) in a client-friendly way by using the tools of artificial intelligence and decision support
  • making the work of administration more transparent for citizens
  • reconsideration of administration processes (processes, organisations, laws and regulations)
  • making back-office activity (own internal administration) more professional
  • examining the feasibility of administration-organisational and legal problems in the above areas