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Full name:Hungarian Telekom Intranet Forum System
Start date:2005. 01.
End date:2005. 06.
  • Hungarian Telekom, Hungary

The goal of the project was the renewal of Hungarian Telekom's internet discussion forum system by migrating data from the existing system. A major requirement for the new system was that it must be able to serve the regularly organised public forums, where workers of Telekom can freely and anonymously ask a manager of Telekom on a specific subject. The designated manager answers questions online in a 1-2 hour interval. The old system was not able to serve such forums due to the huge interest with the potential 12.000 employees of Hungarian Telekom. As part of the implementation of the new forum system several new features have been introduced:

  • Hierarchical forum system
  • Freely customisable look and feel
  • Improved group and user handling
  • Export and import of group and user data using Excel sheets
  • Specific forums for departments with self administration
  • "Kerek perec" public forum organisation subsystem
  • Forum statistics

Following the successful introduction of the new forum system we continue development of the system since 2005.