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Full name:Digital Work Assitant
Start date:2019. 08. 01.

The goal of the DIWAS project is to implement a cloud service, which can be used in an Industry 4.0 setup to provide production line workers with suitable assembly instructions.

The entire manufacturing process in industrial systems is performed by a MES (Manufacturing Execution System). This determines whether certain sub-processes should be executed by robots or humans. In the case of robots, the predefined program is loaded into the robot at the given production step, and then the robot performs the task assigned to it. In the case the assembly work that requires human interaction, DIWAS can be used to compile a series of instructions that can be interpreted by the worker. It can consist of textual and multimedia information, and each step can be associated with the resources required (parts, tools, etc.) and the security risks to be considered in that step.

DIWAS has its own API through which the display of instructions can be controlled for each worker. This API can be used by the MES system for control, but can also be used by other systems to execute a workflow controlled by its own unique logic.