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Full name:MIK 3.1.2. Service and Application Development for Mobile systems
Start date:2005. 01. 07.
End date:2009. 30. 06.
  • BME Department of Automation
  • BME Department of Telecommunications
  • BME Department of Broadband Infocommunication Systems
  • BME Department of Sociology and Communication
  • BME Telecommunications and Media Informatics
  • Eötvös Loránd University Department of Operations Analyses
  • Ericsson Hungary Communication Systems Kft.
  • Hewlett-Packard Hungary Kft.
  • Magyar Telekom Rt. (PKI Telecommunications Development Institute)
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences Computer and Automation Institute
  • Pannon GSM Telecommunications Rt.
  • Péter Pázmány Catholic University Faculty Of Information Technology
  • Siemens PSE Kft.
  • Siemens Communications Rt.
  • Sun Microsystems Kft.
  • T-Mobile Hungary Rt.
Cost:240 millió HUF

The MOBILE INNOVATION CENTRE (MIK) was founded as a result of the call for proposals „The Establishment of R&D and Innovation Centre for Mobile Communication” supported by the National Office for Research and Technology. The Centre is based on the cooperation of universities, academic research institutions, industrial companies, suppliers and organisations dealing with scientific research and innovation, including the representatives of profit-oriented and non-profit sectors.

Project objectives

The aim of the 3.1.2 research and development project is the development of mobile services and application. Activities in this project includes research and development of methodologies for developing mobile application, research of telecommunication service models, development of applications to support collaborative and group activities of mobile users, developing a solution to use mobile terminals for the control and supervision and diagnosis of remote industrial equipments.

The mobile web adapts more and more technologies from traditional "desktop" web. The use of web services, for example, to implement loosely coupled applications is one area that becomes important for mobile web based solutions as well. In our project we take into consideration the most innovative and well established server and client side technologies, including service oriented architectures, (semantic) web services and smartphone technologies like Symbian, MS Spartphone.

Another focal point of the MIK 3.1.2 project is the reseach and implementation of new geo positioning based applications. Current GPS based technologies are too expensive, while accuracy and reliability is still questionable. We believe that with the start of the European Galileo network in 2008 the geo position based contextual services will get a boost. In the forthcoming years we have to carefuly investigate the possibilities of this new technology and environment and we plan to provide ready made solutions and know-how for our industrial partners in the field of satellite based positiong, security and usability.

Expected results

As the output of the poject international quality scientific papers will be published in the field of mobile software technologies. Partners participating in MIK 3.1.2 are also involved in several European projects. Results of these EU projects will be incorporated into the knowledgebase of the MIK project. From economical point of view the applications and services implemented under the umbrealla of the project are also very important. From one hand these could generate revenue for the industrial partners who will offer these applications and services for their customers (and their revenue also makes tax incomes for the state), while on the other hand these new technologies will enable people from less developed parts of the country to have a way to join the information society via their mobile phone, which they have more access to than to dekstop computers and "desktop internet".

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