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Full name:National Cancer Registry GRID
Start date:2005. 01. 01.
End date:2007. 30. 04.
Cost:100 million HUF
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Project objectives

The aim of the National Cancer Registry GRID (Országos Rákregiszter GRID - ORG) is to develop the next generation of the National Cancer Registry (NCR). The NCR started its operation in 1999 with its central program being the collection, management, and analysis of data on people who have been diagnosed with malignant or neoplastic disease (cancer). The technology behind the NCR is still operable but a bit outdated. This outdated technology causes more and more problems, because it is basically provides an offline methodology for the collection and correction of cancer data, which inherently disables the possibility to adequately validate the data coming from the hospitals and to report back problematic records in a reasonable time frame.

In the course of the ORG project we build a new online infrastructure for collecting and validating data, which will greatly improve the quality of cancer data in the registry and therefore will provide much more adequate statistics for the decision-makers.

Another important objective of the ORG project is to broaden the range of data associated with cancer diseases. The current NCR collects only cancer specific data and provides only yearly reports and statistics focused on geographic spreading of cancer cases. In the ORG system we plan to collect other healthcare, environmental, political and economical data associated with a given geographical territory (grid cell). These data, associated with the currently collected cancer specific records, will provide a much more comprehensive view of possible cancer causes as well as provide a new research platform for experts in the analysis of the various factors affecting the development of cancer diseases.