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Full name:RICOH-SZTAKI collaboration
Start date:2007.
End date:2009.
Coordinator:László Kovács
RICOH - SZTAKI press release
The modern office has changed the dynamic of how we use and share information as knowledge is more widely shared across teams and projects and multiple locations within an organization. In view of this, between 2007 and 2009, Ricoh Company Ltd. and MTA SZTAKI research and development teams have been collaborating to research and develop software that will support the office of the future. The aim of the DONAU project was to conduct basic research in collaborative systems and develop new paradigm of computer supported collaborative work via integration of document authoring (CMS), discussions and agile tasking with strong context-awareness support.
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RICOH Company, Ltd. has agreed to work jointly in software research and development with the Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SZTAKI). Exploring the framework of next generation office work using Web technologies, the goal is to develop related business software in three years.

The mainstream of office work style is described by concurrent operations sharing duties organically among two or more units on a project basis. RICOH Company, Ltd. will examine the new practice of using the Web to share information mutually among researchers in the company as well as among companies. To achieve their goal, the Department of Distributed Systems (DSD) of MTA SZTAKI was selected as the promising research counterpart.

By consolidating our network-related advanced technology and digital equipment technology, RICOH Company, Ltd. and MTA SZTAKI raise overall R&D capabilities, resulting in quicker software development.